Our story

We started Montauk Labs in 2021 as a small team of seasoned entrepeneurs and developers.

Previously, we built and scaled a profitable SaaS business with 150+ engineers based in New York City.  Our technology ingested more than 50 billion events a day - collecting information in real-time across tens of thousands of websites, mobile apps, and mission critical applications.

With Montauk Labs our goal is to focus on people first and give the team the flexibility to experiment, iterate, and explore new ideas.

Our values


Our best work happens when we’re inspired and surrounded by positive teammates.  Positivity is contagious and it’s a core ingredient to doing our best work.


Humility is core to our DNA.  We agree that not a single person knows everything.  We don’t care about who’s right, we care about what’s right.

Detail oriented

Understand customers' stated and unstated needs.  Work quickly without compromising on details.


We think of being thoughtful as having empathy. Putting ourselves in the shoes of everyone we interact with, and caring about the interaction we have with them.

Self aware

Blind spots exist for everyone, we’re no different. We accept that they’re real, and we rely on self reflection and our peers to help us see our own blind spots.

Optimize to progress

The most impactful products are not easy to make.  We know that competing priorities and opportunity costs are a fact of life.  We optimize for progress and acknowledge that building is an iterative process.

The team

Jonah Goodhart

Noah Goodhart

Chris Morgan
President and CRO

Audrey Macisaac