Montauk Labs is a venture studio for exploring new and impactful ideas and technologies

We’re building software to tackle challenging problems that have not been solved

What makes us different


We believe that all great companies experiment and we work hard to foster and maintain a culture of experimentation. No idea is off limits and no problem is too big to solve.


We build rapidly, but do not compromise on our code standards, utilizing the newest technologies and industry best practices. We keep technical flexibility and reusability in mind and always build with a long term view.


We are always eager to challenge our ideas, learn about our products in market, and iterate or pivot accordingly.


Our team has a proven track record of growing successful software companies and we bring that expertise to scale our projects through each stage of the product life cycle.

Our technologies


We insist on building visually stunning applications that users love. We are always trying to stay up to date with industry best practices and the latest technologies. We are currently using React, Next.js and TypeScript to build dynamic and responsive interfaces. We build components and pages with reusability, iteration, scalability across all our products in mind.


We use proven languages and technologies for building scalable APIs and data pipelines and are always open to experimenting with new approaches. Our current stack primarily consists of Python for APIs and data pipelines, Postgres for relational data, Docker for containerizing, and Redis for caching, built on top of a variety of AWS services.


We design in Figma and use a Material UI component library and design system. We use Webflow and similar tools to validate ideas quickly and efficiently whenever possible.